Supporting non-profit projects together with us

By carrying out different projects in addition to the naval training, we encourage teenagers to act responsibly, to get active and to be aware of their natural environment.

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Non-profit Projects

Next to providing naval training it is important to us to allow teenagers to further develop their social skills. By means of projects of which the outcome helps others, everyone benefitting from OYS projects and life in Switzerland is able to return something valuable to the youth and our natural environment. Our young adults develop their social skills, environmental awareness  and their readiness to help others. The catamaran can be seen as a floating platform that can be used to realise a set of different projects in various areas of the world. In order to achieve these goals together with everyone involved, we are looking out for projects centred on youth, environment and the sea and we support these projects together with young people. At the moment, Ocean Youth Sailing is taking part in the following projects:


Project Weeks in Schools

Together with schools we offer project weeks that entail various training units. Among other things, we cover topics like sustainability, boat construction, sailing, project management and teamwork. During these project weeks, students work in teams, first in construction and later on the catamaran. During this intensive period of time, teenagers learn how to handle new materials and how to use their social skills. In addition, they have the possibility to gain first sailing experience on yawls together with Youth Sailing Steckborn (Jugendsegeln Steckborn).

Wanting to know how it floats (Article in Kreuzlinger Nachrichten, 22.05.2017)

During a project week of the secondary school Remisberg ten students work together with their teacher Holger Thaa on the catamaran of the Ocean Youth Sailing. (image: Judith Schuck)

Judith Schuck, Work is being put in for a large project at the ship yard in Bottighofen; The non-profit organisation  «Ocean Youth Sailing», founded in 2014, works with the help of many volunteers on construction of a 13,6m long blue water catamaran. Within the framework of a project week ten student of the SSZ Remisberg together with their teacher Holger Thaa support them  energetically.

Kreuzlingen. The work on the multihull has already progressed so far that it now barely fits into the construction tent erected for this purpose. Lukas Ruppen is the head of construction of the construction team, and is updating us on the current state of progress: «We have connected the two hulls, and have added all structural connections as well as finished the outer skin.» As a next step the deck will be mounted. Together with the students they have already glued DuFlex-panels for the insolation. «The panels must now be aligned in order to have a proper alignment», Lukas explains. With the construction they are currently right on schedule. In a year everything should be done, and the catamaran is ready to be launched into the ocean, the Mediterranean. There, the sailing vessel will be stationed for educational purposes and used for mobile community projects. «Two thirds of the financing is secured; but we are still looking for funds to pay the motor, sails and hatches», says Lukas. Their «Dream-Vision» is an electrical engine which would allow them to do without the use of Diesel fuel.

Teamwork with a final product

The teacher Holger Thaa contacted the Ocean Youth Sailing because he liked the idea. He himself has worked on a boat for 15 years. «In the project week the teenagers can see how a boat is being built. It is an active and meaningful work where the product can be seen.» Besides, something is accomplished as a team , which is an as important experience as the hands-on technical experience. «The students need to learn endurance, learn to stick with something.»

Young boat builders

Why the students Noah Pleupler and Mattia Honegger had decided to join this project, they explain as such: «I am interested in boats, and wanted to see how one is being built and how it will stay sealed», says Noah Pleupler. Mattia wanted to know how such a boat is designed: «And how it stays together, its weight being carried by the water.» Physically the work is not so challenging, the guys mention, but they are also a good team. The project week of the secondary school Remisberg took place from 15.-19. May.

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In cooperation with the Jugendsegeln Steckborn, the Yachtclub Schaffhausen and the  Segelclub Steckborn  the Ocean Youth Sailing participated on the beachcleaning event on the shores of the Untersee. On this day garbage is collected along the shore.

The shore is getting cleaner and cleaner, Article in Tagblatt, 23. February 2016

Beachcleaners of the Segelclub Steckborn, the Jugendsegeln Steckborn and the Schaffhauser Yachtclub with the collected trash. (Margrith Pfister-Kübler)

MARGRITH PFISTER-KÜBLER, STECKBORN ⋅ About 40 members of the Segelclub Steckborn and the Yachtclub Schaffhausen have cleaned the seven kilometre long shoreline of Steckborn by hand. Aside from a lot of trash also a drift bottle was found.

Equipped with reachers and trash bags around 40 people have met up for the «clean up day». Members of the Segelclub Steckborn, Jugendsegeln Steckborn and Yachtclub Schaffhausen split up in different groups. From the boarder to Berlingen by the Pipo parking lot to the border to Mammern they endured the bad weather to clean the shore. Because of high water levels, they also cleaned parts of land up to the main road.

In the past, various successes could be celebrated in terms of environmental protection in Steckborn. The port is decorated with the «blue anchor», the environmental sign of the international water sports association.


Integration Project

Initial position

Since our shipyard including the fully equipped workshop is not being used during workdays we have been looking for a possibility to make good use of our infrastructure with a work integration project also during this time.


Together with the Peregrina foundation we stated the work integration project in January 2017. The goal is to facilitate the step into the working life of recognised refugees, and to teach them precise working methods. During the construction phase our members can educate two to three people, and offer an unforgettable experience.

Our main focus lies on putting across valuable knowledge and skills within the framework of our project. We achieve this goal by offering periodical teaching units. During there unit the members of the Ocean Youth Sailing or external experts lay the theoretical foundation and give an introduction to the hands-on process. We conduct technical teaching units in a fully equipped workshop of the Ocean Youth Sailing in the trade areas of carpenters, model makers, metal workers, electricians and saddlers.

Previous successes

We hope to improve the technical abilities of the participants together with the Peregrina foundation in order to introduce them into working life and enable them find a source of income.

We are proud to announce that one of the refugees got offered an internship because of the experiences he could acquire during his time in our work integration project.


Integration of unemployed teens and young adults

Since the beginning of our construction we integrate interested unemployed teens and young adults in the association and the construction of the catamaran. We hope to give them a meaningful activity and a social integration into a structure for their every-day life in order to motivate them to find an employment.

It's not self-evident for us to grow up in a wealthy country with an outstanding education and social system.

Ideas for future non-profit Projects

In the next few years and as soon as the catamaran is on the open sea, we will further extend the dimensions our charitable projects. Finding ideas, planning and carrying out these projects will be realised by young people and our catamaran is set to serve as a base station from which the new projects can be launched successfully.


Mobile Workshop

During our cruises we carry a fully equipped workshop on our catamaran. In cooperation with international youth help organisation we want to support local construction projects as for example the construction of smaller infrastructure projects.

Mobile Research Platform

As as swimming island with scientifically educated teens and young adults we volunteer as a research platform for universities, colleges and other institutions. An example for a project worth supporting is e.g.  The Ocean Cleanup.


Mobile Know-How

With many well educated teens we can teach a lot of technical, medical and other skills for the realisation of our charitable projects. An example for a project worth supporting is the CYCLE FOR SAFISHA AFRICA (CFSA), in which member of the Ocean Youth Sailing are already active.