We want our youth to acquire a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork and we want them to gain hands-on experience. Therefore, we started building the catamaran from scratch.

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Construction Project

1. Information on the Project

More than 150 teenagers and young adults dedicate a total of approximately 6,500 hours of volunteer work to the construction of the catamaran. While doing so, they are being guided by expert members.

2. One or more Hulls

To meet the goals of OYS it is important to have a lot of living and storage space on the ship. In this respect, a catamaran with two hulls has considerable advantages while the length of the ship stays the same.

3. Type of Boat

Together with Von der Linden, Schionning Designs offers the Arrow 1360 in a modern construction kit in flat-panel style. They provide a time-saving way of construction and long-time experience with the design of off-shore catamarans.

4. Construction Site

Our construction site is located at the Untere Mühle Bottighofen AG and consists of a dockyard hall, open space for a dockyard tent and it can be easily reached by the members of our society.

5. Financing

The financing of our youth project is based on three main pillars. Companies, private sponsors and foundations contribute to the success of the project in roughly equal parts, each covering about a third of the costs.

6. Period of Construction

Since April 2016, volunteers work on the catamaran mostly on weekends and during vacations. In the first year, our construction workers have already spent 4,800 hours of volunteer work.

Technical Data Arrow 1360

Overal length 13.6 meters
Width 7.4 meters
Draught 0.5 Meter
Hull displacement 6800 kg
Distance cockpit/water 0.8 meters
Beam-to-length Ratio 14:1
Height of mast 17.5 meters
Standing height 1.9-1.97 meters
Sail area / main sail / foresail / code0 / gennaker 70 / 34 / 80 / 180 m2
Sleeping space 4 double bunks, 2 single beds and 2 emergency beds in the saloon
Hybrid electric motor system 2 x Ocean Volt Twin Shaftdrive AXC 10 kW 48 Volt motor system with recuperation mode when sailing
Batteries 2 x 10kWh Valence 48 Volt U27-24XP LiFeMgPO4 battery systems
Sources of electricity Recuperation mode when sailing with the Ocean Volt AXC electric motors, 2 kW solar panels and a Fischer Panda AGT-DC 11000-48V generator (if no wind and sun)

Time Schedule of the Project