Learn to sail off-shore with us

Do you enjoy the sun, the wind, the ocean, the endlessness of the ocean and the feeling of freedom? You can crew on our boat and we train you for off-shore sailing. Attend our theoretical course as a first step to attain the Swiss off-shore sailing license.

I would like to crew

Theoretical Course Off-shore Sailing


You would like to learn to sail the ocean by yourself? In that case you need the swiss off-shore license. Prerequisites for the license are a passed theoretical exam and 1000 nautical miles as practical experience sailing on the ocean. We offer a course over 12 evenings in Winterthur, Switzerland, to get you ready for the theoretical exam. Below you find further information regarding the course.


Duration: 12 evenings of 3 hours, costs: non-members 700CHF, OYS-members 600CHF, OYS-members students 400CHF

Teaching points

Navigation, boat handling, seamanship, meteorology, shipping law, medicine on bord as well as tidal and navigation calculation calculation

Prerequisites off-shore license

Minimum age 16, passed theoretical exam, basic sailing license (A/D), first aid certification, seeing and hearing test, miles confirmation and all fees paid.

Timetable Theoretical Course Off-shore Sailing

Nr. Datum Zeit Inhalt
1 16.10.2018 19-22 Uhr Einführung, Seekarten
2 23.10.2018 19-22 Uhr Position, Distanz, Kurs, Log
3 30.10.2018 19-22 Uhr Seezeichen 1
4 06.11.2018 19-22 Uhr Seezeichen 2, Missweisung, Ablenkung
5 13.11.2018 19-22 Uhr Wind- und Stromabdrift
6 20.11.2018 19-22 Uhr Peilungen 1
7 27.11.2018 19-22 Uhr Peilungen 2
8 04.12.2018 19-22 Uhr Gezeiten 1
9 11.12.2018 19-22 Uhr Gezeiten 2
10 15.01.2019 19-22 Uhr Seerecht, Seemannschaft
11 22.01.2019 19-22 Uhr Meteo 1
12 29.01.2019 19-22 Uhr Meteo 2
13 24.02.2019 08.30-17 Uhr Testprüfung
14 Sa im März 2019   Prüfung (Daten 2019 noch nicht bekannt, siehe www.sya.ch)

Theory is: Knowing how it works, but nothing functions
Practise is: When everyone knows how it works, but nobody knows why

Off-shore license - practise cruise

In order to put theory into practise we offer training cruises. Routing, crew management and sailing manoeuvres are some of the points that will be practised on the ocean in combination with watching dolphins and enjoying sunsets. As soon as the catamaran will be ready to sail in mid 2018, we will publish more details regarding training cruises.

You have never sailed before?

No worries. We had to lean it as well. The Jugendsegeln Steckborn is the ideal place.

Further infos and application

Sailing courses at Jugendsegeln Steckborn

You are older than five years, and you would like to learn the basics of sailing? The year around courses and the summer sailing week with the Jugendsegeln Steckborn are just right for you. Certified J+S coaches teach you on optimists, lasers and 29er dinghies. More advanced sailors can rent boats.


Age: 5 or older, enjoying wind and water

Course overview

Weekly year course from spring to fall on optimists, lasers and 29er as well as a summer sailing week during the summer vacation

Contact and registration

Jugendsegeln Steckborn, 8266 Steckborn, Schweiz, info@jugendsegeln.ch

Our instructors in action

Our Instructors in action

The Ocean Youth Sailing sets high values on a good quality instruction. We assure this on one hand by our longtime experience in teaching teens in the Jugendsegeln Steckborn and OYS, and on the other hand by a professional training of the instructors. A part of the instructors hold the Royal Yacht Master Offshore license and the other part the swiss off-shore license. Therefore, we can combine the practical knowledge of the Royal Yacht Master training with the theory of the swiss off-shore license.