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Ocean Youth Sailing is a non-profit oriented, charitable youth organisation. Our goal is, to enable as many teens and young adults as possible all over the world to profit from our youth projects. Teens and young adults rarely possess the funds to finance and start a project of this scale. Therefore, we are dependent on external support for all large projects (e.g. the construction of the catamaran) in order to meet the investment requirements.
We try cover the running costs with financially bearable membership fees for the teens and young adults, revenue from training cruises and chartering out the OYS catamaran as well as events with companies.

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Support Categories

With your support you enable young people to broaden their horizon and to gain unique experiences. As a thank you we are entitle to the following benefits:

  Main Sponsors Premium Sponsors Sponsors 1000 Club Donator
Webseite Logo Logo Logo Member List Donator List
Newsletter Logo Logo Logo No No
Catamaran Logo large (color) Logo normal (color) Logo small (color) Signature No
Events Yes Yes Yes No No
Naming Ceremony Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
One-time week cruise 6 Persons 3 Persons No No No
Amount from CHF 15‘000 from CHF 5‘000 from CHF 1‘001 CHF 1‘000 up to CHF 1‘000

*  without travel cost and kitty
** your support can either be financial or material

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Detailed Project Information

If you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact me: +41 76 545 84 35 or ruppen-damian@bluewin.ch